Pro-Tex (product code: PF0100TB)


Pro-Tex 0100TB and 0102TB are a finely ground phosphate mixtures, using a proprietary phosphate combination and interaction, and all natural process, to achieve the desired the best mouth and texture interaction of various food products of your formulation, with (0102TB) and without (0100TB) other gums and sugars. It is designed for tumbling of marinades of various fresh meat products.



      Protein %                                                      <0.1%  

      Fat %                                                            <0.1%   

      Total Dietary Fiber                                          <0.1%  

      Moisture %                                                    <6.0%    

      Color                                                             white powder




      Total Plate Count                                             < 10,000 / g

      Yeast and Molds                                             < 100 / g

      Salmonella                                                      Negative           

      E. Coli                                                             Negative   


Label Statement:

Contains: various phosphates.


Shelf Life:

In its original container, this product has a typical shelf life of 60 month stored under cool, dry conditions.



Pro-Tex is available in multi-wall bags with food approved polyethylene liner, in 50 lbs or 25 Kg.