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Acidulants Citric Acid; Fumaric acid; Lactic   acid , L-Malic Acid

Succinic Acid, Sodium Citrate; Tartaric Acid

Amino Acids Alanine; Arginine; Aspartic acid; Cysteine.HCl; Proline; Taurine; MSG (fine powder); Glycine
Antioxidants Ascorbic Acid;  Erythorbate; EDTA ; Green Tea Extracts

β-Carotene; Mixed Tacopherols; d-apha-tocophero acetate

Enzymes  Cellulase ;    a /β- amylase; β-Mannanase; Pectinase; Trans- glutaminase

Xylanase; Lipase-(powder,100K IU/g and 30K IU/g)

Colorants Titanium dioxide

Marigold Oleoresin; Paprika oleoresins, (not "hot"); Curcumin; Capsacium Oleoresin ("Hot"); Crystal Zeaxanthin (powder)

Swee potato red extracts & Purple Yam extracts; Fermented rice (Red) 
Emulsifiers &


DATEM;   SSL; Distilled Monostearate; Mono-(48%) & Di-glyceride Mixture

Pea Protein Isolates (80%, 85%), Soy Proteins isolates (5100, 5300A)

Calcium Salts Calcium Chloride (food grade & Brine grade);  Calcium Carbonate; Calcium lactate; Calcium Citrate



 Common Sorbic Acid; Potassium  Sorbate; Benzoate (Na, Ca & Zinc); Benzoic acid

Citric Acid; Propionate (Ca/Na); Fumaric acid; Malic acid; Lactic acid

 Natural Niprosin(R)  (Nisin Preparation ); Natachloride(tm) (Natamycin Preparation); Nataspen(tm) (Natamycin)

Glycerol Monolaurate; e-Polylysin

Natural Propionate; Calcium salts of fermented organic acids
Nutraceuticals Caffeine Anhydrous; Chitin; Chitosan; Ca-Lactate; FOS (Fructo-oligo- sacharides)

Glucosamine HCL; Glucosamine sulfate; Green Tea Extracts; GABA;SAMe; Spirulina; L-Theanine

Arabinose; Rhamnose; Ribose; Xylose; Xylitol

Maltitol; Maltitol syrup 80/55, Lycasin 80/55, Sorbitol; Stevia Extract

Gums Agar Agar; Alginates; Carrageenan; Guar Gum; Konjac Gum;Pectin; Pullulan & Xanthan Gum
(made in U.S.A.)
Pro-Tex  0100; Pro-Tex  0360FC; Pro-Tex  0490; Pro-Tex  0570GB; Pro-Tex  0680ER; Pro-Tex  0710ET; Pro-Tex  0820BD; Pro-Tex   8911

Altorine; Brobitor; Freshcut; Megacel-80; Noodex; VegeTex 

Pea Proteins & Pea Starch
Air dried and Freeze dried (green) spinach, (red) carrots, green onions, asparagus, mushrooms, etc. 
Vitamins Ascorbic Acid; Biotin (H); Mixed Tacopherols

Thiamin (B1); Ca Ascorbate; Riboflavon (B2); Vitamin E; Vitamin E-acetate

DHA & Flavors  Microalgae biomass (DHA 18%); DHA (algal oil, 40% or 50%); DHA (10%, 18%,powder); Microalgae biomass (DHA 10%);

Natural vanillin; Cresol; creosote; 4-methylguaiacol


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